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Kodiak ATV & Res-Q Trailer
FoA President, LeRoy Dennison shakes hands with Park Manager Bryon Maxwell after signing over the ATV title and filling out the paperwork to transfer the Res-Q trailer to Alafia River State Park.

Alafia River State Park is home to some of the best mountain bike, hiking, and equestrian trails in the state, including many with advanced through expert level challenges. Visitor safety has always been a top initiative for Florida DEP Officials and our organization. Our goal is to ensure resource funding is available to assist visitors, members, and first responders when accidents may occur.

Emergency Rescue Equipment

To improve accessibility throughout the park's trail system and provide aid in rescuing injured visitors, Friends of Alafia locally purchased an ATV and all-terrain Res-Q trailer.

The ATV, a Yamaha Kodiak 450, was purchased from Barney’s of Brandon. Rescuers require an ATV that is narrow enough to navigate the park's single-track trail system, but with enough torque to pull the Res-Q trailer with a patient and medical attendant. The Kodiak fit the bill.

ARSP's new Res-Q trailer features a removable Junkin basket/stretcher with a single detachable wheel for safely transporting an injured person from a trail to where he or she can be transferred into an ambulance. The Res-Q trailer was purchased from Emergency Equipment.

Improved Emergency Response

Since the 2018 equipment investment, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue has been greatly aided in providing improved extraction time to injured park visitors. On average, rescue teams respond to three calls per week for emergency medical assistance at the park.

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Friends of Alafia

Friends of Alafia is a nonprofit Citizen Support Organization (CSO) established to protect, preserve, and support Alafia River State Park.