Amazon Smile Holidays 2021

Ways that you can help us and one way that we can help you...


Amazon Smile

If you are making a purchase through Amazon, it’s very easy to tell Amazon to pass on a small portion of their profit to a charity that you designate. If the charity that you designate is Friends of Alafia, Inc., we will get the money. Rather than logging into, log into, pick your charity, then buy what you are going to buy and, for no additional cost to you, Amazon will make a quarterly payment to your designated charity.  Here is a direct link to take you to with Friends of Alafia picked for you.  All you have to do it sign in with your Amazon account credentials.

We also have a wish list for those individuals or corporations who would like to buy tools or supplies that we use on trails. Here is a direct link to our Amazon Smile Wish List.  Again, all you have to do is sign in with you Amazon account credentials.

Taking Square Reader at Ranger Station

For those of you who don’t carry cash, but would like to purchase stickers, ice, firewood, or other merchandise at the Ranger Station, the Friends of Alafia now have a Square Reader there so you can use your credit or debit cards.



If you use Chrome as your browser, you can get an extension that links to our Amazon Smile page here:

Money for You

If you bring us a Corporate Sponsor, we will give you a $50 finder’s fee.



Friends of Alafia

Friends of Alafia is a nonprofit Citizen Support Organization (CSO) established to protect, preserve, and support Alafia River State Park.